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We conducted few successful workshops on Deepfake Detection in February and March 2024. 

Garima Goswamy has been honored with the prestigious BW SECURITY WORLD 40 under 40 AWARDS, recognizing her as a future master in the Indian Security Sector. She was awarded by Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Business World, Former Senior Director IB & Ex-Chief IB & RAW, India and CEO- BW Security World.                    

This accolade serves as both tremendous validation and encouragement for her outstanding work, marking a significant milestone in her journey as the Founder & CEO of DridhG International, a pioneering Risk Consulting Firm.


DridhG International is dedicated to ushering in new breakthroughs, offering cutting-edge tools and solutions, and providing state-of-the-art resilience, safety, security, planning, preparedness, capacity building, and training services across diverse organizations and institutions

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Recent Corporate Training

It gives us immense pleasure to share that we had a successful OSINT workshop TWICE within a one week gap. Overall, DridhG issued 59 certificates to participants. Participants from various top corporates joined. Some of the interactions were highly engaging. Between these two weeks, there were a lot of learnings. We would like to give special mention to Manan Batra, a participant in the first workshop, who contributed towards the second by giving a session on an introduction to Maltego. 

Recent Publications

The Financial World published "Significance of Training and Awareness in Security" by Garima Goswamy and Prakriti Pandia on November 7, 2023. 

Security Link India published "Cyberwar – The Game Changer: Demystifying India’s Geopolitical Tussle with its Neighbours and its Cyber Effect" by Garima Goswamy on November 23, 2023. 

Security Link India published "OSINT Tools & Technique: Fraud Detection to Help Fraud Prevention" by Garima Goswamy on December 27, 2023. 

Client Appreciation

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Our Engagements 

To discuss the emerging challenges and developments in the homeland security sector, ASSOCHAM organized the 8th INDIA HOMELAND SECURITY SUMMIT: Managing New Age Challenges - Opportunities for Safety and Security Industry & Summit-cum-Excellence Awards at 10:00 a.m. on September 27, 2023, at Hotel Shangri-La in New Delhi. This Summit witnessed the industry stakeholders of various security segments come together to deliberate holistic solutions towards efficient management of homeland security. Garima Goswamy, Co Founder and CEO of #Dridhg Security International Private Limited addressed the question about how do women contribute and can contribute to homeland security.

Garima Goswamy was invited to on a panel discussion and spoke about the significance of training and development for ensuring psychological safety of employees in the discussion pertaining to "The Human Element: Role of Training and Awareness in Physical Security." The event was organized by Business World on 1-2 September 2023 at The Imperial, New Delhi. 

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Pakistan’s Current Situation

According to a report by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Pakistan must repay USD77 billion between April 2023 and June 2026. Given Pakistan's economic situation, such repayment is impossible without fresh loan support. There are three countries Pakistan seeks out for economic support - China, Saudi Arabia and USA. The question really is, who will bail out Pakistan and what impact will this have on India?


Who Might Bail Out Pakistan?

In case Saudi Arabia or other middle eastern countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) extend support, it is unlikely to have an adverse impact on India as India has better ties with both such nations. In January 2023, there were reports which mentioned that representatives from UAE and Saudi Arabia had asked those from Pakistan to "forget Kashmir" and be-friend India. Ever since his appointment as the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi's government has worked towards making UAE and Saudi Arabia among India's valued strategic partners.

Geopolitics Might Save Pakistan from Economic Fallout

Who will bail out Pakistan? How does Pakistan’s Economic Situation Impact India?













Business Impact

Of Geopolitics


Risk Analysis

Assessing Ease

of Doing


Services Offered

Fire Prevention

Fire Audit

Medical Support

Doctors on call

Incident Management

Reporting Incidents

Fire Prevention

Fire Inspection

Medical Support

Ambulance Activation

Incident Management

Developing Security Management Plan

Fire Prevention

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Personal Safety

Situational Awareness


Medical Support

Mental Wellness Support

Personal Safety

Self Defence



Deployment of Equipment

Pre Event 


Manpower Allotment 















Executive Protection

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Investigative Techniques

Business Continuity



Active Shooter Response 

Crisis Management

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In the realm of security, a journey I stride,

Seeking improvement, staying relevant, with pride.

Since my professional journey's dawn,

A commitment to training, my spirit drawn.


Training and awareness, my guiding light,

In knowledge's embrace, I take flight.

Constant upskilling, I eagerly pursue,

To navigate the landscape, ever anew.


Social media, a powerful tool,

Connecting, sharing, making me cool.

On platforms like LinkedIn, and Whatsapp too,

Engaging, amplifying, my voice grew.


At DridhG, we stand as a team,

Trustworthy experts, a collective dream.

Our strength lies not just in what we know,

But in our willingness to break the status quo.


Besides industry giants, I've walked the line,

Learning, growing, as stars align.

But uniqueness I bring, to the table I lay,

Slowly and steadily, I paved my own way.


Education and finesse, certainly key,

But it's our agility, that sets us free.

Embracing the unconventional, we thrive,

As mavericks, in this journey we drive.


Social media, a platform grand,

Showcasing my capabilities, across the land.

Yet beyond self-promotion, I understand,

Genuine connections, the real brand.


So, in the realm of security, I stay,

Innovation, collaboration, lighting my way.

A journey of improvement, forevermore,

At DridhG, we strive, to soar









Garima Goswamy

Co-Founder & CEO, DridhG 

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